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Ending Lead Poisoning

Learn about what we are doing to end lead poisoning as a major public health threat in the United States, and what you can do to help.

Introducing the Lead Funding Toolkit!

A practitioner’s guide featuring over 40 funding sources to address residential lead hazards in your community, and tools to help you create a plan to attract, access and deploy sustainable support for lead poisoning prevention! 

Lead Policy and Action Plans

View our lead policy priorities and action plans to end lead poisoning, both from us and our partners.

Lead Policy Impact

Learn about the impact that GHHI has already had through our public policy work to reduce lead exposure.

Sign Our Call to Action

Sign on to our Call to Action to End Lead Poisoning by 2022, an outgrowth of the groundbreaking National Lead Summit in December 2016.

Our Partners

View our funders and partners who make our work possible.

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