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Technical Assistance


The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) has more than three decades of experience developing and implementing integrated healthy housing programs. We use this expertise to assist clients in building and supporting evidence-based programs that improve the health and well-being of families and individuals in their communities.

GHHI’s technical assistance clients include community-based organizations; state, county, and city governments; and healthcare providers and payers. GHHI is experienced in providing strategic technical assistance across the spectrum of lead poisoning prevention, energy-efficiency, health, and housing policy and best practices, including programmatic capacity building; innovative financing; coordinated delivery of housing, health, and energy services; and healthy housing policy.

GHHI Technical Assistance Services:

Capacity Building

Whether you are designing and implementing a new healthy homes program or want to improve or expand upon an existing one, GHHI has the expertise to ensure your services are evidence-based and efficient. We will work with you and your team to strengthen service provision and track outcomes to ensure community need is met while demonstrating value for funders that will open additional avenues of support for housing, health, and energy services in your community. Capacity-building technical assistance is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, and may include:

  • In-depth asset and gap mapping
  • Healthy homes program design, implementation, and evaluation planning and support
  • Racial equity-driven workforce development planning and support
  • Cross-sector partnership building
  • Data management & evaluation, including identifying impact metrics that demonstrate the true value of coordinated housing, health and energy service delivery.

GHHI has provided capacity building services to more than 60 cities, counties, and states across the US. Please see examples of this work here:

Innovative Financing

Healthy housing services are in high demand across the US, but due to resource constraints, programs are often unable to provide services to everyone who needs them. As a direct service provider in Maryland, GHHI understands this issue firsthand. We have successfully secured innovative financing from healthcare for 9 healthy homes programs, including our own in Baltimore. GHHI’s team of experts provides clients with assistance building a data-driven business case, approaching healthcare, securing innovative financing, and structuring innovative financing arrangements (e.g. value-based payment). Technical assistance will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, and may include:

  • Payer engagement
  • Policy analysis and engagement
  • Economic analysis
  • Data acquisition & analysis
  • Data management & evaluation
  • Transaction structuring

GHHI works with nonprofit organizations, healthcare providers, healthcare payers, and government agencies to analyze the value of healthy homes services, structure innovative financing arrangements, and create sustainable programs to meet community need at scale. Below are some examples of our work in this space:

Coordinated Delivery of Housing, Health, and Energy Services

GHHI has partnered with more than 30 communities and states to build systems for aligned, braided, and coordinated housing services. The goal of these coordinated services is to holistically address housing, health, and safety risks such as lead, asthma, and injury hazards as well as energy inefficiencies that drive up utility bills and reduce housing affordability. Our holistic housing intervention model maximizes the efficiency of existing housing resources, builds community capacity to address housing conditions, and creates avenues for new investment in healthy, energy efficient housing. To achieve these outcomes, GHHI’s technical assistance staff collaborates with communities to:

  • Map existing housing, health and energy assets and gaps
  • Facilitate cross-sector partnerships, aligned in serving residents with poor housing quality, including anchor housing service providers, public and private funders, health institutions, and utilities.
  • Align, braid, coordinate resources and service delivery to holistically address housing needs
  • Build healthy housing workforce capacity, with an emphasis on creating pathways to healthy homes careers in communities most impacted by poor housing quality
  • Build out customized data systems to support service delivery and program evaluation

For examples of our work in this space, please see examples here:

Healthy Housing Policy

GHHI has more than three decades of experience at the local, city, county, state, and national level crafting and advancing healthy housing and energy efficiency policy. GHHI has helped develop dozens of pieces of state legislation focused on lead poisoning prevention standards; lead testing; rental registries; prospective rental property inspection and lead-safe certification; standards for energy efficiency and weatherization; and health and safety standards for residential properties. In these same areas, GHHI has worked with communities and states to develop strategic plans assessing needs and opportunities to advance healthy homes policy best practices and has educated decision-makers responsible for direct legislative action.

For examples of our work in this space, please see examples here:

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