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Healthy Homes Count: Community Engagement for the 2020 U.S. Census Join this GHHI National Learning Network session to discuss the significance of 2020 U.S. Census to local housing and community development programs, and learn about opportunities to connect local healthy homes community engagement efforts with U.S. Census outreach. Panelist Kendra Nelson, GHHI's Census Outreach Coordinator, will share experiences about her work in the Baltimore community to align these efforts.Jun 3, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Evaluation of Health and Social Outcomes in Housing Interventions This GHHI National Learning Network webinar will share updates on recent efforts to standardize measures of health and social outcomes in housing interventions. These evaluation metrics and practices are often needed to support sustainable reimbursements for services in partnership with health systems, managed care organizations, and public health departments. Panelists will discuss work with the Environmental Management and Health Outcomes Metrics for Evaluation (EMHOME) Work Group, which convened national stakeholders from different sectors and organizations to offer their input and guidance on which measures to include for recommendation. The final report of the Work Group presents a set of 28 measures all of which are integral to the evaluation of an asthma home visiting program both in terms of efficacy and cost-effectiveness.Jun 10, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Healthcare Partnerships for Comprehensive Housing Services: New Funding Models Join this GHHI National Learning Network session to learn about emerging models of healthcare investments in housing interventions. Panelists will share information about recent projects in which health systems and managed care organizations have invested in housing programs to address community aging in place, asthma control, and lead poisoning prevention needs.Jun 24, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Community Health Workers and Housing Assessments In this session GHHI staff will identify opportunities to engage Community Health Workers in GHHI service delivery, share training resources, and discuss policy and resource needs for this sector of the workforce. Jul 8, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
GHHI Site Story Development In this GHHI National Learning Network session GHHI staff will review evaluation practices for GHHI model implementation, provide methods and resources for case study development, and discuss best practices in data-driven storytelling. Participants will receive practical guidance to prepare sites stories for the GHHI Executive Leadership Institute.Jul 22, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Local Policy Levers for Lead Hazard Reduction Join this GHHI National Learning Network webinar to learn about common considerations for local lead hazard control policies related to housing and water line maintenance. Panelists will discuss a range of local policy levers and how they can work in tandem to reduce lead exposure in communities. They will also share GHHI's recent research on rental registration program design and examples of city programs that have planned to enforce housing health and safety standards in the midst of the housing affordability crisis. Aug 12, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Resilient & Sustainable Housing Interventions In this GHHI National Learning Network webinar session panelists will share considerations for housing unit assessments and interventions in areas vulnerable to extreme weather events.They will also share best practices for housing modification programs design to build resilience to climate change and natural disasters and improve environmental sustainability.Aug 26, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour

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