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About the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity with the vision of advancing the social determinants of health and racial equity through healthy housing. With an emphasis on black and brown communities, GHHI delivers improved health, economic and social outcomes. GHHI supports housing, environmental health, and energy efficiency services for families in communities around the country, as well as conducting direct services in Maryland. GHHI’s delivery model is based on its data-driven philosophy that public and private social investments are optimized and social program outcomes are maximized when the energy, health, and safety needs of an occupied home are addressed comprehensively, efficiently, and simultaneously. GHHI’s employees are all expected to work by the organization’s operating values of assuming good intent, operate with transparency, deliver on time with excellence, and ensure racial equity and diversity are part of all policies, practices, and actions.

Vision Statement:

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health and Racial Equity Through Healthy Housing.

Mission Statement:

The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative is dedicated to addressing the social determinants of health and the advancement of racial and health equity through the creation of healthy, safe and energy efficient homes. By delivering a standard of excellence in its work, GHHI aims to eradicate the negative health impacts of unhealthy housing and unjust policies for children, seniors, and families to ensure better health, economic and social outcomes for low-income communities of color.

Our Model:

GHHI effectively integrates funding from private and public sources to deliver results for low-income residents.

GHHI Delivers:

  • Government innovation in service delivery and cost savings
  • Measurable improvements in health, economic and social outcomes for children and families
  • Development of community-based green jobs and social enterprise
  • Healthy, safe, stable, and affordable homes
  • Increased family economic security including wealth retention and reduced family displacement.

Job Openings

Vice President Climate Energy and Health
The organization is looking for someone to lead GHHI’s efforts to equitably reduce and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring healthy, safe and energy efficient housing conditions that support building decarbonization. The Vice President of Climate, Energy, and Health will lead GHHI’s work advancing policies and programs that support healthy, energy efficient, and carbon-free housing for all Americans, particularly residents of Black and Brown communities. The Vice President will collaborate with the GHHI leadership team, lead a team of internal staff and partner with stakeholders around the country to provide strategic technical assistance and thought leadership to advance housing health, safety and efficiency as part of just transition to clean energy. The Vice President of Climate, Energy and Health will also represent GHHI on national boards, commissions and coalitions, and lift up environmental justice, racial and health equity issues in the national climate conversation. Continue »

Vice President of Maryland Programs
The organization is looking for an impactful leader and experienced professional who can implement and oversee various direct service program operations in Maryland. The program mission of the organization is to create and advance access to healthy, lead safe and energy efficient homes for children and aging adults in Maryland. Continue »

Hazard Reduction Worker
GHHI seeks a full-time Hazard Reduction Worker to conduct lead hazard reduction, healthy homes, weatherization and housing rehabilitation interventions, and safety hazard remediation in its Baltimore office for GHHI’s Maryland Housing Intervention Services Program. The position will help reduce home-based environmental health hazards and energy loss to create safe and energy-efficient homes for low-income children, older adults, and their families. Join our team and make a difference in the lives of children and seniors! Continue »

MD Programs Intake Specialist
Client Intake Specialist to performs client scheduling, intakes and referral services, maintains client physical and database records, and complete client surveys. This position represents the first client contact with the communities that GHHI serves. Position helps coordinate client direct services for the Maryland Programs Department’s Family Advocacy Services, Housing Intervention Services and Outreach and Education services and maintains the national information hotline. Continue »

Outcome Broker – Rhode Island
The full-time GHHI Outcome Broker will serve as a GHHI employee housed within GHHI Rhode Island site. The Outcome Broker will serve in a Project Manager capacity and will be responsible for ensuring the successful development and implementation of GHHI Rhode Island site activities, services and partnerships to advance equitable access to healthy, safe and energy-efficient homes for Rhode Islanders. This program will facilitate alignment and coordination of current programs to facilitate holistic lead, weatherization, and healthy homes interventions in low to moderate income homes. The Outcome Broker will work closely with energy efficiency programs, Lead Hazard Control Programs, housing and health organizations, contractors, risk assessors and local nonprofits to formulate and implement GHHI goals, objectives, and strategies. Stakeholders include municipal and state governments, local philanthropies, community-based organizations, healthcare providers, utilities, weatherization, housing rehabilitation and lead remediation contractors, research institutions and others. The Outcome Broker will work to ensure that partners, including anchor healthcare institutions, local and state agencies, regional and statewide health and housing collaboratives and others coordinate healthy housing and energy service delivery and funding resources to effectively meet clients’ housing needs. This involves managing and coordinating in-home service delivery and healthy homes and energy repair work, including recruiting and processing applications for existing healthy homes programs, braiding program resources, and conducting pre- and post- rehab evaluation for data collection. Continue »

Public Policy and Research Intern
Public Policy and Research Intern will help advance key public policy goals including incorporating Medicaid into preventive housing interventions, assist in drafting policies on green and healthy housing standards, support the organization’s focus on the health and societal impacts of energy efficiency and weatherization, and support advocacy strategies to further GHHI’s mission. Continue »

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