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Healthy Homes

A green and healthy home supports the well-being of the people living there in many different ways. An unhealthy home can be transformed into a clean, healthy and safe one by employing GHHI’s whole-house strategy.


Ending Lead Poisoning

Learn what GHHI is doing to end lead poisoning in the United States, and what you can do to help.


Home Health Hazards

Learn about different hazards in your home, and how you can keep your family safe and healthy.


8 Elements of a Green and Healthy Home

Discover the 8 key elements to a green and healthy home.


Is My Family at Risk?

Take our quiz to determine if your family may be at risk from home health hazards.


Steps to Take to Protect Your Family

Learn about steps you can take to protect your family from home health hazards.


Ask the Experts

View frequently asked questions related to healthy housing.

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