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Resident Education


Resident education and comprehensive case management forms the core of GHHI’s mission. Our goal is to give individuals and families the tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones from the damaging health impacts of unhealthy housing.

Who is it For?

Our resident education services are delivered to families through our case management program. In addition, we deliver group education sessions through our outreach program. For more information, see the contact information at the bottom of this page.

What’s Included:

Asthma Control Education

  • Tips on using the medication delivery device, including how to clean the various pieces of asthma medication devices (such as inhaler, nebulizer, and spacer); how to use various delivery devices (the proper use of the spacer, inhaler, peak flow meter)
  • Importance of peak flow monitor with doctor-defined peak flow asthma zones
  • Importance of utilizing the doctor-completed asthma action plans
  • Asthma trigger control at home, including:
  • How to reduce dust mites
  • Importance of eliminating Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) from child’s environment
  • How to prevent and rid the house of common pests and rodents
  • How to prevent and control mold and moisture
  • How to control the impact of pets in the home
  • Importance of ventilation for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and heavily fragranced items
  • Nitrogen dioxide management
  • Pollen information and management tips
  • How to improve indoor air quality
  • Importance of removing clutter and harborage areas

Home Safety Education

  • Development of home safety plan
  • Fire prevention and development of fire escape plan
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Falls, poisoning, electrical, and choking hazards
  • Lead poisoning prevention (the dangers it poses to children, tenants’ rights and documents renters should receive, lead specific prevention cleaning, importance of proper nutrition and hand-washing in prevention of lead poisoning)
  • Resource linkage to other prevention and community resources, including bulk trash pick-up, health insurance assistance, affordable home repair products, smoking cessation programs, daycare services, and child dental services among others
  • Behaviors that assist in reducing energy consumption

For more information on GHHI’s Resident Education Sessions, please email or call 410-534-6447.


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