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Home Assessments


Through GHHI, we have developed a Comprehensive Assessment process that looks at the health and energy status of a home. This assessment is conducted using both an inspection and education process together so residents and owners can begin to understand those items in the home that may pose potential health hazards as well as costly energy bills. Coalition Assessment Technicians, certified in energy auditing, lead hazard risk assessment, healthy housing and integrated pest management, will inspect the home and formulate a plan of action (scope of work) in consultation with the Environmental Health Educator who will serve as the family’s liaison for education and case management.

Who is it For?

Assessments can be conducted through a variety of programs, including all programs for which GHHI does in-house work. Our Assessment Team also conducts assessments for the Baltimore City Department for Social Services for Health and Safety Inspections for potential foster care homes and connects these homes with Green & Healthy Homes intervention services when needed.

What’s Included:

Issues reviewed in the Comprehensive Assessment include:

  • Moisture and mold
  • Indoor air quality (venting, environmental tobacco smoke, proper furnace functioning, carbon monoxide)
  • Pest management
  • Lead Poisoning Hazards
  • Safety (Structural Defects, Trip and Fall Hazards, Fire Hazards, Children’s Access to Chemicals)

While assessing the residence, the Assessment Team will install safety and maintenance kit items that include smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and, if young children are present, cabinet locks and electrical outlet covers as well as other items where immediate care may be needed.

The results of the assessment will be used to determine potential services provided by the Hazard Reduction Team, Legal Services Team or Family Advocacy Unit. All assessment work incorporates HUD’s Healthy Homes Rating System (LINK) as well as all applicable national, state and local standards and certifications.s to Chemicals)

For more information on GHHI’s housing assessments and how to have your own home assessed by the team, please email or call 410-534-6447.


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