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Maryland Direct Services

Please click the link below to complete the Maryland Intake Form. Once completed, our Intake Specialist will contact you regarding GHHI programs and services.

The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative provides a comprehensive set of direct services to ensure that families, property owners, tenants, health care providers and other stakeholders can efficiently address issues that undermine the health, energy efficiency and safety of their home environment.


Community Outreach, Education and Trainings

GHHI’s outreach and education team provides training to a broad set of stakeholders interested in the prevention of childhood lead poisoning, asthma reduction and the creation of healthy, safe and energy efficient housing. Learn More

Applications Assistance

See GHHI’s application assistance, including info on the Baltimore City “LIGHT” application. Learn More


Home Assessments

Assessments to assess risks within a home. Learn More

Resident Education

Education for residents on home safety, reducing asthma triggers, and other healthy homes practices. Learn More


Hazard Intervention and Remediation

Work to remove and fix hazards in the home that can lead to negative health impacts. Learn More

Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Services

Services to improve energy efficiency, which can also lead to improved health outcomes. Learn More


Family Advocacy

View options for having GHHI provide client advocacy services, including services to assist tenants, homeowners, and rental property owners. Learn More


Legal Services

See GHHI’s legal services, including tenants’ rights representation. Learn More

Aging in Place Program

Learn about GHHI’s Aging in Place program for seniors in Baltimore. Learn More

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