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San Antonio Kids BREATHE Asthma Program Data and Evaluation Guide


By Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

San Antonio Kids BREATHE Asthma Program


The goal of this data management and evaluation guide is to assist the new San Antonio Kids BREATHE (SAKB) asthma program in its planning for and management of data as well as in its evaluation of the program’s processes and outcomes. This document is both a guide and a template. GHHI encourages SAKB to utilize this as a living document as the program progresses—removing, adding, and editing content as necessary. This guide is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather a starting point for SAKB. The document is organized into three main sections: (1) Data Management, (2) Process Evaluation, and (3) Outcomes Evaluation. SAKB should simultaneously incorporate its goals for all three of these sections into its program planning, implementation, and refinement as opposed to doing each section in isolation. Additionally, SAKB should ensure the data management and evaluation plans are aligned with the program’s logic model.

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