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Maryland Lead Poisoning Prevention Asset and Gap Analysis Report


By Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

While Maryland’s existing policies have been instrumental in the 98% reduction in lead poisoning across the state since 1993, there are still thousands of children that are being impacted by lead exposure annually and more work remains to reach the goal of lead eradication. The following Asset and Gap Analysis and recommendations provide a comprehensive framework of the state’s current assets, gaps, and opportunities for action based on those findings that can be undertaken by state and local governments and their partners within the community to eliminate lead poisoning in the state.

The analysis will cover the six aspects of lead poisoning prevention listed below:

  • Blood lead testing and screening
  • Case management
  • Environment investigations and housing inspections
  • Enforcement
  • Grant and loan resources
  • Outreach and education

Each of the sections for the six topics covered include sub-sections detailing the state’s current resources and strengths, existing gaps, findings from the analysis and possible opportunities for improvement that can inform the Lead Commission’s and state and local agency strategies.

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