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HUD Releases 2019 Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program NOFA – $324 Million in Funding Available

2019 HUD Lead Hazard Reduction Grants
HUD’s Office of Lead Hazard and Healthy Homes has released the 2019 Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Grant Program NOFA. The NOFA makes an unprecedented $324 million in lead grant and Healthy Homes Supplemental grant funding available for state, county and city jurisdictions!
Total Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Grant Funds Available: $286,000,000
Maximum Lead Grant Award Amount: $9,100,000 (High Impact Neighborhoods)
Minimum Lead Grant Award Amount: $1,000,000
Total Healthy Homes Supplemental Funds Available: $38,000,000
Minimum Match Funds: 10%
Grant Application Due Date: 8/9/19
Estimated Grant Start Date: 9/30/19
HUD Lead Grant NOFA Webinar: GHHI will conduct a full analysis of the 2019 Lead Hazard Reduction Grant NOFA and will be scheduling a webinar for its clients and partners in the coming weeks on the NOFA requirements.
NOFA Weblink to download the NOFA:
Don’t miss this opportunity to apply! There has never been more funding available for new jurisdictions and existing lead grantees to apply for grants to conduct lead hazard reduction and healthy homes interventions in the homes of low income families in your community.
Contact GHHI at 410-534-6447 if you have any questions on the NOFA or need assistance in preparing your 2019 Lead Hazard Reduction Grant application.
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