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Yinett Marte Nunez

Yinett Marte Nunez

Environmental Health Educator

Yinett Marte Nunez is an accomplished Environmental Health Educator at GHHI. With a bachelor’s degree in health sciences (2022) and a master’s in public health from Purdue University Global (2024), she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role.

During her tenure at Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital’s Infection Control Prevention and Quality Control Department, Yinett demonstrated exceptional skills in data collection and analysis. Her work focused on identifying gaps in hand hygiene practices, which she used to develop targeted strategies for enhancing infection prevention and control measures within the hospital.

Despite initially aspiring to become a physician, Yinett’s 13 years of experience in healthcare led her to discover her true passion for public health. Beyond her professional life, she actively contributes to voluntary efforts, including providing food and supplies to those in need through various churches.

In her free time, Yinett enjoys traveling, acquiring new skills, connecting with nature, and making a positive impact in her community.

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