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Khari Muhammad

Khari Muhammad

New Jersey Lead & Healthy Home Technical Assistant

(443) 842-5721

Khari Muhammad serves as GHHI’s New Jersey Technical Assistance Specialist, collaborating with 24 health departments, surrounding municipalities, and regional coalitions.  Providing a wealth of practical information to create more effective lead poisoning primary prevention programs.  Accelerating capacity building efforts impacting high-risk areas burdened with lead exposure in communities with low screening rates.

Ms. Muhammad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from Linfield College, in Portland, OR.  Where she began her career working with Indigenous women and children in rural Oregon communities.  Ms. Muhammad has more than 20 years of experience serving underserved and underrepresented communities, overseeing mental health programs in the public and private sector in Phoenix, Arizona. Together with, creating a culture of health for lead poisoned children and pregnant women in the largest lead remediation superfund site, located in Omaha, Nebraska.  Fostering cross-sector collaborations, educating families and the public sector on the toxic legacy of childhood lead poisoning burden in Douglas County.  As the Lead Program Manager, Ms. Muhammad contributed significantly to Douglas County Health Department’s success in expanding lead screening in disenfranchised communities.  Designed creative educational resource materials and increased program precision with community engagement.

Ms. Muhammad is a transplant from Dallas, Texas where she worked as a case planner for children and families under a court order.  Ms. Muhammad is looking forward to exploring New Jersey’s restaurants and nightlife.  She enjoys endless hours of retail therapy, international travel, live bands, and nibbling on any type of chocolate dessert.

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