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Joy McFadden

Joy McFadden

Client Intake Specialist

Joy McFadden serves as a Client Intake Specialist at GHHI, where she blends efficiency with empathy to guide clients through the organization’s intake process. As a native New Yorker, Joy’s experience in America’s most populous city has deepened her understanding of how the built environment can significantly impact residents’ health and well-being. This awareness fuels her ambition to design green, resilient buildings and parks that address climate change and improve the quality of life for disadvantaged communities.

Joy earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s degree in Sustainable Urban Planning from George Washington University. Her collaborative spirit has led her to work on a variety of projects with parks departments in NYC and D.C., as well as with D.C. Health and the Trust for the National Mall. A notable highlight of her career is her leadership role in the Ivy City Renaissance plan, which won first place in the 2021 C40 Students Reinventing Cities competition. Additionally, Joy is a Certified Community Health Worker in Maryland.

Beyond her professional achievements, Joy’s greatest motivation stems from her role as a mother. Balancing the demands of graduate school with raising her daughter, Legacy, taught her the true meaning of perseverance. Driven by Legacy’s future, Joy dedicates herself to building a better Baltimore through her work at GHHI and finds joy in nurturing her family’s dreams with a wealth of books.

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