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Dean Wenrich

Dean Wenrich

Housing Intervention Specialist

Dean has been working in the many phases of residential construction for over 40 years, from actual hands-on construction, to managing the building of homes from groundbreaking to settlement in multiple communities, as well as doing large- and small-scale residential project management. Dean also was given the Roy D. Mallinson Award for demonstrating professionalism and compliance with building industry codes, by using the code standards consistently and accurately to maintain the safety, health, and welfare of the community.

Dean has added to his wealth of residential construction knowledge by learning and being certified in many elements involved with lead hazards and safety. Dean has received his certifications as RRP Certification, RRP Instructor, Lead Abatement Supervisor, Lead Risk Assessor, and Lead Project Designer.

While not doing Lead work, Dean loves to roller skate, hunt with his dog, and is an International Indoor Field Hockey Umpire Manager. Dean also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Dean can be found roller skating on Tik Tok as #Shuffledad.

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