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Carlie Baumann Furtaw

Carlie Baumann Furtaw

Environmental Health Educator


Carlie Baumann Furtaw is an Environmental Health Educator at GHHI. In this role, she provides asthma education and management to families with children who have asthma, helping them identify in-home triggers and implement strategies and home interventions to improve their symptoms and ensure they can get to school healthy and ready to learn. Before joining GHHI, Carlie was a student at the University of Maryland, College Park where she earned a BS in Environmental Science and Policy.

Carlie is driven by a desire to address the disproportionate effects of climate change and environmental degradation on already under-served communities, and help people connect with the resources they need to succeed. As a Baltimore native, she is particularly committed to making a difference in her hometown.

When she’s not at work, you might find Carlie cooking up a new recipe in the kitchen, taking walks, and spending time with family.

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