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Magazine: Volume II, Issue II

Inside This Issue: Success Story – GHHI Philadelphia, GHHI Visits Capitol Hill, 5th Annual Executive Leadership Institute, and more.

Success Story: From the Hospital to Perfect School Attendance

Challenge William and Danielle have owned their 1920 single family home in Baltimore’s Winston-Govans neighborhood for nine years. They needed to repair the home for the safety of their three children, 16-year-old Ciera, 12-year-old Simone and 10-year-old Akil, but the cost was overwhelming.  Several windows were painted shut, mice left droppings in the kitchen and … Continued

Success Story: Healthy Home Helps Family Succeed

Challenge Lekquan and her 8-year-old son DaWayne lived in a house that was moldy, poorly insulated and did not have a working furnace. Water had leaked into her kitchen floor. The carpet was full of allergens and pulling away from the floorboards. Despite Lekquan’s best efforts, rodents and roaches always found a way back into … Continued

Success Story: Breathing Easier—and Reducing Energy Costs

Challenge Victoria and Jerry have owned their two-story, center unit row home in Baltimore’s Belair-Edison neighborhood since 2000. Their 12-year-old son Montez suffered from frequent asthma episodes, caused by triggers in the home stemming from mold, poor insulation, improper drainage and a broken furnace. Even though they kept their home tidy, they continued to have … Continued

Success Story: Making Home Home Again

Challenge Dorothy, a single mom, has lived in the same 1925 two story row home in Baltimore since she was five years old. She shares the home with her two daughters, 13-year-old Shaquana and 4-year-old Labree. Like so many older properties, Dorothy’s proud family home eventually fell into desperate need of repair. The walls had … Continued

Magazine: Volume I, Issue II

Inside This Issue: Lead Poisoning Prevention Updates, GHHI Buffalo Partnerships Contribute to Success, Stories Behind the Data, and more.

Magazine: Volume I, Issue I

Inside This Issue: GHHI Providence Completes Important Milestone, First Book Partnership Launches in Baltimore, GHHI Detroit Green Jobs Program, and more.