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In the News Post: New Lansing program seeks greener, healthier homes

The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative is a national program that’s new in Lansing, but it’s been underway for some time in Detroit and Flint. It combines an energy efficiency audit with a health risk assessment to show people not only what may be on its face a potential danger in their homes, but how it could … Continued

Post: 11 Ways to Stay Warm and Save Energy this Winter

As much of the country is experiencing a colder than average winter, energy bills are rising. For many, this significant drop in temperature also results in colder homes. To help keep your home warm and your energy expenses down, follow these 11 DIY tips for a warmer, more energy efficient home. 1. Stop the drafts. Do … Continued

In the News Post: Dollars and Change

GHHI President & CEO Ruth Ann Norton discusses the GHHI model and how pay for success and social impact bonds are paving the way for healthy housing. The full segment is available on demand on SiriusXM Radio. For information more information, visit Business Radio’s Dollars and Change.

Post: Seizing Healthcare Funding Opportunities for Asthma Interventions

As the interest among stakeholders in data demonstrating the health and cost-savings benefits from in-home asthma resident education and housing interventions is mounting around the country, GHHI is helping local and state governments, healthcare organizations, housing providers and community agencies take advantage of these opportunities to pursue prevention funding for their communities. GHHI provides training … Continued

In the News Post: How Your Zip Code Impacts Your Life Chances

For millions of Americans, opportunities for a better future are limited simply because of the zip code where they grew up or now live. GHHI President & CEO Ruth Ann Norton discusses how housing impacts your life chances. The full segment is available on demand on SiriusXM Radio. For information more information, visit TalkPoverty Radio.

Success Story: Illness Relieved with Healthy Home Intervention

Challenge Crystal and TJ purchased a home in their dream neighborhood with their two young sons. After living in the home for a year, they noticed a crack in the sewage line going into the concrete. Sewage was leaking into their basement, which was already prone to flooding. After the latest clean-up, she discovered black … Continued

Success Story: Home Intervention Stops Severe Asthma Attacks

Challenge Melissa saved for years to purchase her modest row home in North Philadelphia, three and a half years ago. A single mom, Melissa worked hard to maintain her home and care for her children, including a teen daughter with severe asthma. Several months ago, things started to fall apart. A faulty pipe in the … Continued

In the News Post: The high cost of toxic stress in children

As much as asthma is the number-one health cause of school absenteeism, and the incidence of asthma and high levels of lead in children’s bloodstreams can be mapped by town and legislative district in Rhode Island, the actual number of poor children in Rhode Island who live in unsafe, unhealthy homes has not yet been … Continued

In the News Post: Holistic Housing

Jeremy Wortzel ’16 grew up in the quiet countryside of Pennsylvania amongst farmers markets and friendly neighbors. The idea that hazardous housing was a problem for so many didn’t come into sharp focus until he came to Providence. Read more about Jeremy’s GHHI internship on Brown University’s website.