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Success Story: Illness Relieved with Healthy Home Intervention

Challenge Crystal and TJ purchased a home in their dream neighborhood with their two young sons. After living in the home for a year, they noticed a crack in the sewage line going into the concrete. Sewage was leaking into their basement, which was already prone to flooding. After the latest clean-up, she discovered black … Continued

Success Story: Home Intervention Stops Severe Asthma Attacks

Challenge Melissa saved for years to purchase her modest row home in North Philadelphia, three and a half years ago. A single mom, Melissa worked hard to maintain her home and care for her children, including a teen daughter with severe asthma. Several months ago, things started to fall apart. A faulty pipe in the … Continued

In the News Post: The high cost of toxic stress in children

As much as asthma is the number-one health cause of school absenteeism, and the incidence of asthma and high levels of lead in children’s bloodstreams can be mapped by town and legislative district in Rhode Island, the actual number of poor children in Rhode Island who live in unsafe, unhealthy homes has not yet been … Continued

In the News Post: Holistic Housing

Jeremy Wortzel ’16 grew up in the quiet countryside of Pennsylvania amongst farmers markets and friendly neighbors. The idea that hazardous housing was a problem for so many didn’t come into sharp focus until he came to Providence. Read more about Jeremy’s GHHI internship on Brown University’s website.

Post: 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Do you have a clutter problem in your home? A cluttered home can strip your time, energy and resources. If your countertops are covered in “organized” piles, you have trouble shutting your overstuffed drawers or you have to create a pathway through your basement, you may have a clutter problem. Not only is clutter an … Continued

Post: GHHI Baltimore Launches First Book Program

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Baltimore recently launched a partnership with First Book to help improve academic outcomes for families receiving GHHI home interventions. A safe and healthy home is essential for children to succeed in school, and with the addition of a home library, a child’s educational outcomes can increase exponentially. First Book is … Continued

In the News Post: $50M taken from NJ child protection fund

The New Jersey government left countless children exposed to lead poisoning in the last decade by diverting more than $50 million away from a health fund so routine state bills and salaries could be paid, an Asbury Park Press investigation found. GHHI President & CEO Ruth Ann Norton is quoted in this story. Read online … Continued

Magazine: Volume II, Issue II

Inside This Issue: Success Story – GHHI Philadelphia, GHHI Visits Capitol Hill, 5th Annual Executive Leadership Institute, and more.

Success Story: From the Hospital to Perfect School Attendance

Challenge William and Danielle have owned their 1920 single family home in Baltimore’s Winston-Govans neighborhood for nine years. They needed to repair the home for the safety of their three children, 16-year-old Ciera, 12-year-old Simone and 10-year-old Akil, but the cost was overwhelming.  Several windows were painted shut, mice left droppings in the kitchen and … Continued

Success Story: Healthy Home Helps Family Succeed

Challenge Lekquan and her 8-year-old son DaWayne lived in a house that was moldy, poorly insulated and did not have a working furnace. Water had leaked into her kitchen floor. The carpet was full of allergens and pulling away from the floorboards. Despite Lekquan’s best efforts, rodents and roaches always found a way back into … Continued