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Product: Best Practices – Consent and Data Security

Before collecting and/or sharing client’s information, especially health information, organizations must understand and follow the applicable regulations, obtain consent from participants, and have a data security measures plan in place.

Please note that this document does not contain legal advice, please run all decisions on data consent and security through legal counsel.

Product: Virtual Health Platforms

Included in this document is a comparison of virtual health platforms that can be utilized for virtual healthy home assessments. Please note that these are not the only potential platforms, but hopefully this is a helpful starting point for your organization.

Product: Readiness Checklist

Before an organization adopts a virtual home assessment model, it should ensure that certain components of organizational infrastructure are in place. Included in this document is a list of organizational elements that are recommended prior to developing virtual home assessment services.

Product: Virtual Education & Follow-Up Protocol

GHHI’s Education & Follow-up Protocol is meant to serve as a roadmap for translating educational home visits that are normally done in-person to a virtual platform. Once a virtual home assessment is complete and a scope of work is created, the home assessor should provide the scope of work and any other relevant information to an educator to perform the virtual education & follow-up. The virtual education & follow-up should focus on educating the client on how they can mitigate the health and safety hazards in their home.

Product: Scope of Work Template

This document serves as a template client report to summarize findings from the virtual home assessment and to inform action steps for the client, contractors, educators, or any other healthy homes professionals assisting the client. Due to the virtual nature of the assessment and potential remediation to be performed, recommendations are provided in two ways:

  1. The Scope of Work offers recommendations for remediation to be performed by a contractor when allowable (e.g. program restrictions on in-home services are lifted and/or when the client is comfortable with in-home remediation to be completed).
  2. The Scope of Work explains how the client can mitigate identified risks in the interim before a contractor can remediate the identified hazards in person.

Product: Virtual Healthy Home Assessment Protocol

GHHI’s Virtual Home Assessment protocol is meant to serve as a roadmap for translating comprehensive home assessments that are normally done in-person to a virtual platform. Before performing a virtual home assessment, we strongly encourage all personnel involved in the process to review the following documents in the toolkit:

  • Intake Template
  • Best Practices – Pre-Assessment Conversation
  • Best Practices – Virtual Assessments and Home Visits
  • Pre-Assessment Protocol
  • Best Practices – Safe and Succesful Assessments
  • Scope of Work Template
  • Considerations and Mitigation Guide
  • Best Practices – Consent and Data Security
  • Readiness Checklist – Virtual Home Assessments

Product: Considerations and Mitigations Guide

Performing healthy housing assessments virtually has many benefits for both the client and the service provider. In addition to our best practices described in the preceding section of the toolkit, there are five important considerations worth exploring as organizations begin to adapt their programs to this format. This document includes a chart that outlines those considerations and detailed strategies for mitigating them.

Product: Best Practices – Safe and Successful Assessments

This document contains best practices for conducting safe and successful virtual home assessments. GHHI believes that the client’s safety and comfort are the most important considerations for a virtual home assessment. If a client’s safety is compromised, a virtual home assessment should be stopped and restarted at another time if deemed safe to do so. These best practices come from our own experiences and will be updated as our work evolves and our expertise grows.

Product: Best Practices – Pre-Assessment Conversation

This document contains best practices for preparing clients for a successful virtual home assessment. GHHI believes that the preparation for the virtual home assessment is an integral part of the process and should get as much attention as the home assessment itself. These best practices come from our own experiences and evidence-based methods and will be updated as our work evolves and our expertise grows.

  1. Client comfort is essential
  2. Explain the virtual home assessment process in detail
  3. Explain the virtual meeting process
  4. Discuss mobility limitations