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Publication: Charting a Pathway to Maryland’s Equitable Clean Energy Future

Recent unique and unparalleled streams of federal funding, including the Inflation Reduction Act, offer an opportunity for Maryland to kickstart an innovative program to upgrade, repair, and electrify Maryland’s low-income homes simultaneously. This funding, combined with other federal and state sources, presents $2 billion in funding opportunities for whole-home repairs in Maryland. Utilizing these funds to upgrade low-income homes
is just one important step to invest in environmental and social justice (ESJ) communities that have been
historically underserved and overburdened.

Press Release: GHHI awarded $750,000 by Congress to improve health, housing, and energy equity for families in Baltimore

“The congressional funding represents a tangible and transformative commitment to GHHI’s national model for holistic, healthy, and climate-friendly housing, addressing the root causes of health and racial disparities arising from housing-related asthma, lead poisoning, injury, and energy inefficiency for low-income Baltimore residents,” said Ruth Ann Norton, GHHI President and CEO.

Post: The Inflation Reduction Act: A Historic Investment in Climate Friendly and Healthy Housing

The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative celebrates the historic passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and the opportunity it creates to make transformative investments in homes across the country. Creating climate friendly and healthy housing has long been a priority of GHHI. Improving the comfort, resiliency, safety, and affordability of housing can drive huge advances in public health and racial equity.