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Healthy Housing in the News

Refocusing Housing Policy in Detroit: Moving to Healthy Housing

Drawing Detroit

The majority of families in Detroit face the risk of death, injury, illness and loss of their children's mental capacity every day because of hazards in their homes Based upon highly detailed analyses of homes, it is clear that homes are causing burns, falls, asthma, allergies and lead...

How Companies Capitalize on Lead-Paint Victims in Baltimore


Baltimore has made measurable strides forward in abating lead paint in city homes, and as recently as last week was awarded a 4 million dollar grant to rid close to 230 more homes of lead This good news comes coupled with a sad story, published by the Washington Post, outlining how companies have...

Florence Nightingale Still Gets It Right: A Healthy Home Equals Healthy Kids

Huffington Post

Florence Nightingale once wrote: "The connection between health and the dwelling of the population is one of the most important that exists" In other words, where we live affects our health That was well over 100 years ago Still, the problem of unhealthy homes persists and disproportionately...

HUD gives $101M to communities for lead paint, home hazard removal

Housing Wire

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded over $101 million to 32 city, county and state governments The grant funding announced will reduce the number of lead-poisoned children and protect families by targeting health hazards in over 6,000 low-income homes with significant lead...

Baltimore receives $4 million healthy homes grant


US Housing Secretary Julian Castro announced the grant during a back-to-school event hosted by the national Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) The funding will help Baltimore address lead hazards in 230 housing units for low- and very low-income families and perform healthy home...
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