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Just One Program in the State Has Helped Remove Lead Paint for High Risk Families


LOOKING FOR LEAD IN MISSISSIPPI (This is the second in a series about lead exposure in Mississippi) When Jessie Walls’ 5-year-old granddaughter Jordan frequently came over to play at her Jackson home, the flaky paint chips in and around the house were like moths to a flame Peeling lead...

GHHI’s Statement on the Lowering of Maryland’s Blood Lead Action Level and Lead Dust Standards

“There is only one cure for lead poisoning and that is prevention. GHHI supports the lowering of the blood lead action level for children and the lead dust standards for homes built before 1978 in Maryland,” said GHHI President and CEO Ruth Ann Norton. “We must continue to increase the rate of our investment in remediating lead hazards in order to achieve the eradication of lead poisoning and address the social determinants of health.”

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