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Lead Poisoning and Freddie Gray

BBC World Update with Dan Damon

Dan Damon interviewed GHHI President & CEO Ruth Ann Norton on the effects of lead poisoning, and the need for prevention and awareness Listen to the full interview at BBC World Update (starts at 13:47)

Growing Up Amid Urban Neglect


Brooke Baldwin interviews GHHI President & CEO Ruth Ann Norton on the effects of lead poisoning and its prevelance in Baltimore

Freddie Gray?s life a study in the sad effects of lead paint on poor blacks

Washington Post

Reports of Gray's history with lead come at a time when the city and nation are still trying to understand the full ramifications of lead poisoning Advocates and studies say it can diminish cognitive function, increase aggression and ultimately exacerbate the cycle of poverty that is already...

Beginning of Freddie Gray’s life as sad as its end, court case shows

Baltimore Sun

The life of Freddie Gray Jr, who died Sunday from a severe spinal cord and other injuries sustained in police custody, had a beginning as tragic, in a way, as his end As children, he and his two sisters were found to have damaging lead levels in their blood, which led to multiple educational,...
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