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Healthy Housing in the News

Home Lead Safety Tax Credit Act – Senators Whitehouse, Shumer, Blumenthal, Cohen, Gillibrand, Hassan, McKinley and Peters Introduce Bipartisan Tax Credit Bill to Protect Children From Lead Hazards

April 29, 2021 – The Home Lead Safety Tax Credit Act of 2021 was introduced today as bipartisan legislation to provide tax credits to help parents and owners pay for the cost to remediate lead hazards in their homes and properties GHHI thanks Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Senate President Shumer...

Advancing Energy Equity and Healthier Homes and Families in Maryland

Energy Equity - Advancing Energy Efficiency in Maryland for Low Income Households - HB379 Annapolis, MD - February 4, 2021 - Only 95% of EmPOWER Maryland energy efficiency program funds go to limited-income households in Maryland House Bill 379 (Public Utilities - Low-Income Housing - Energy...
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