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Rehabilitation to Combat Unhealthy Housing

The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) has long been an advocate for healthy housing, realizing the crucial role it plays in determining health, social and economic outcomes Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in partnership with National Public Radio (NPR) and  Harvard TH Chan School of...

11 Ways to Stay Warm and Save Energy this Winter

As much of the country is experiencing a colder than average winter, energy bills are rising For many, this significant drop in temperature also results in colder homes To help keep your home warm and your energy expenses down, follow these 11 DIY tips for a warmer, more energy efficient home 1...

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Do you have a clutter problem in your home A cluttered home can strip your time, energy and resources If your countertops are covered in “organized” piles, you have trouble shutting your overstuffed drawers or you have to create a pathway through your basement, you may have a clutter...
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