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GHHI and People Working Cooperatively release Developing Sustainable Financing Models to Scale Aging-in-Place Programs which explores pathways to sustainably fund and scale innovative Aging-in-Place programs across the United States to better address some of the most expensive and life-altering public health issues among older adults. The paper analyzes: (1) demographic trends in the United States and their healthcare implications, (2) the case for investing in the most effective Aging-in-Place programs from a health, economic, and social perspective, (3) an innovative Aging-in-Place model—“enhanced” Stepping On—that addresses multiple interrelated public health issues for American seniors and (4) opportunities for healthcare organizations, policymakers and community-based organizations that are interested in scaling innovate Aging-in-Place and other social determinants of health interventions.

Read the paper: Developing Sustainable Financing Models to Scale Aging-in-Place Programs 

Primary Authors: Adam Halper, Senior Innovation Specialist, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI); Nina Creech, Senior Vice President, People Working Cooperatively (PWC).

Contributors: GHHI – Ruth Ann Norton, Michael McKnight, Kiersten Sweeney, Will Klein, Daniel Son and Kelsey McClain. PWC – Ron Henlein, Aaron Grant, Sara Bourgeois and Brad Staggs.

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