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Join Us in the Call for Climate Action

There is an undeniable need to take meaningful action to combat climate change. To date, there are no federal limits on how much carbon pollution existing power plants can dump into the air. Carbon pollution causes climate change and a host of extreme threats to public health.

This is why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Clean Power Plan, which is days away from finalization, is so vital. It sets the first ever federal limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants, invests in clean, renewable energy and boosts cost-saving energy efficiency. EPA’s plan would prevent thousands of asthma attacks, deaths, heart attacks and general hospital admissions every year.

Making buildings more energy efficient is the least expensive way to meet pollution reduction targets under the new standards. Efficiency investments in housing not only produce substantial energy savings but lead to better health and more disposable income for residents, and create jobs for local communities. Energy efficiency is one of the eight elements of a healthy home.

The plan is estimated to provide up to $93 billion in climate and public health benefits. The EPA projects that the new standards could help avoid up to 6,600 premature deaths and up to 150,000 asthma attacks in children annually by 2030. It will also help prevent thousands of heart attacks, hospital admissions, and missed work and school days every year.

Climate change is not a future generation’s problem. It affects our communities and our health each and every day, and we need to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the EPA to solve it. We urge congress to make the call for climate change now.

To show your support for investments in energy efficiency, sign on to ramp up resources for energy efficiency in affordable multifamily housing.

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