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Project Manager – Outcome Broker: GHHI Lewiston-Auburn, ME

Duties of the Project Manager/Outcome Broker for our Lewiston-Auburn, ME site include but are not limited to:

1) Project Management: Lead and manage the development, implementation, and execution of a GHHI Lewiston-Auburn Work Plan that accurately forecasts resource needs and aligns GHHI goals with standards, practices and principles to meet overall GHHI objectives; coordinate GHHI stakeholders’ effort to produce Green & Healthy Homes interventions in Lewiston-Auburn; prepare monthly reports and summaries for GHHI partners and funders.

2) Partnership Facilitation: Set agendas and facilitate meetings; maintain effective communication and conduct follow up activities with GHHI leadership, partners and funders; lead and manage the creation of a GHHI work group and ensure that roles and responsibilities for all team members are made clear, reflect a comprehensive approach, and focus sharply on re-management to a GHHI systems change approach that braids funding and efficiently coordinates activities in the community.

3) Capacity Building and Technical Assistance: Partner with local and national GHHI staff and leaders to identify and create opportunities that support GHHI efforts; assess and address priority capacity needs of partners; facilitate technical assistance from GHHI national team to local partner organizations on an as-needed basis; attend and facilitate in-training sessions around jobs and workforce development; and aid in identifying training and other support needs that the GHHI national staff can address.

4) Development: Work closely with GHHI national staff and GHHI Lewiston-Auburn partners to develop a funding plan that leverages resources to support GHHI implementation in the site over the course of the program; develop and advocate for avenues and resources to sustain the program over time; take the lead in, or advise and support development of grant and funding proposals as needed, and coordinate with GHHI national staff on grant review, training and support; work with national GHHI staff to help build multi-year philanthropic support for GHHI work at the site.

5) Other Duties:

• Serve as program liaison and local point person for national GHHI effort

• Manage day-to-day program activities and coordinate partners engaged in GHHI Lewiston effort

• Identify, develop and maintain strong relationships with existing and new local partners

• Ensure local fidelity to the GHHI model and approach and accurate and appropriate use of tools and resources by local partners (database platform, GHHI related curriculum, materials, forms, interventions, etc.)

• Actively report monthly progress on implementation and status to the national GHHI staff Qualifications: The successful applicant must possess:

• Degree in public policy, public health, business management, government, economics, or other GHHI related field

• Proven project management and organizational skills with attention to detail

• A demonstrated ability to effectively collaborate and achieve results across multiple partnerships and agendas

• An ability to work independently and lead GHHI-Lewiston-Auburn efforts while serving as part of a national team

Cultural competency and strong interpersonal skills for interacting with colleagues, clients and program partners of all demographic and professional levels

• A track record for open and effective internal and external communication; be able to effectively engage diverse audiences and stakeholders verbally and in writing

• Possess strong presentation and public speaking skills

• Flexibility, initiative, and a collaborative spirit

High proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

• Own or have access to vehicle for transportation

The ideal Project Manager-Outcome Broker will possess:

• Good judgment and excellent analytical and strategic thinking capabilities

• Familiarity and experience working with Lewiston, Auburn, and State of Maine organizations and partners

• The capacity to help bring about systems and process change

• The capacity to pay close attention to detail while juggling multiple tasks

• The ability to work effectively independently as well as part of a team made up of people from diverse backgrounds and in partnership with other organizations

• Home renovation/repair, government, energy efficiency, or weatherization experience a plus

• Experience in planning, environmental science, public health, community development, lead abatement or toxin mitigation

• Strong understanding and commitment to addressing environmental and economic inequities through solution-based approaches

• Experience in development or fundraising

• Experience writing grants and proposals

• Willingness to travel for trainings, meetings, and conferences

• Somali or other bilingual speaking skills beneficial

• Must have a valid driver license and reliable transportation This is a full-time, exempt position.

Position includes full benefits package and competitive salary commensurate with education and experience. GHHI is an equal opportunity employer. Interested candidates should send resume, cover letter and salary history to GHHI’s Department of Human Capital at