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Interactive Lead Funding Toolkit Released for Practitioners by GHHI


The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) announces the release of the Lead Funding Toolkit: a publicly-available, web-based practitioner’s guide including over 40 sources of funding for residential lead inspection, lead-based paint hazard remediation, lead service line replacement and soil remediation. The Lead Funding Toolkit on the GHHI website outlines specific strategies for leveraging and deploying private, public and philanthropic lead funding in your jurisdiction. The Toolkit includes proven lead funding solutions and innovations on the horizon to help make your community a leader in finding sustainable support for lead hazard remediation of homes and to eliminate the life-long impact of childhood lead exposure.


The Funding Toolkit was developed in response to a need expressed by our partners to learn about all the potential funding sources for lead hazard reduction and how to pursue that funding. Use this dynamic Lead Funding Toolkit to:

  • Identify funding sources to finance lead inspections and remediation of residential lead hazards
  • Learn Strategic Implementation Actions needed to access the funding sources
  • Explore Successful Best Practice Examples from around the country
  • Use Planning Tools to assess local gaps, set funding goals and create a road map to access, secure and deploy additional lead hazard remediation funding to fill those gaps


Join us for the upcoming webinar “Using the GHHI Lead Funding Toolkit” scheduled for 2:00 PM EDT, May 31st to learn about the tool and how to successfully pursue lead funding for your jurisdiction. Register for the webinar at: Lead Funding Toolkit Webinar Registration

“With all the advancements that we’ve made in building sound programs for lead poisoning prevention, the biggest challenge is always increasing funding for communities. We see this Funding Toolkit as a way to explore practical pathways and spur innovative thinking to bring these efforts to scale. We know the only cure for lead poisoning is prevention.” – Ruth Ann Norton, President and CEO of the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative.

The Lead Funding Toolkit is the first installment of a broader set of lead poisoning prevention tools that GHHI will be releasing throughout this year to help local jurisdictions and community organizations advance lead prevention initiatives. GHHI has a team of technical assistance and policy experts that are advancing the National Lead Campaign goals. For more information on the Lead Funding Toolkit or the National Lead Campaign, contact Catherine Klinger, National Lead Campaign Director, at:

We hope you find the Lead Funding Toolkit useful in accessing additional prevention resources. GHHI will continue to develop new tools and innovative solutions to support our partners in fulfilling our collective pledge to eliminate childhood lead poisoning in five years!

Ruth Ann Norton
President and CEO

Take Action in Your Community – End Lead Poisoning Now!

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