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Home-Based Environmental Management Services

While research has shown that home-based environmental management services (in-home environmental health education, environmental assessment, and remediation of asthma triggers) can improve health and prevent asthma exacerbations, these services are not typically paid for by health insurance. To demonstrate health benefits and support the reimbursement of in-home environmental management services, it is important that clear and consistent evaluation measures be identified and adopted across programs.

To meet this need, the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI), with support from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (EPA ORIA), convened the Environmental Management & Health Outcomes Metrics for Evaluation (EMHOME) work group. Comprised of 18 experts from across sectors, the work group compiled a set of standard metrics programs can use to track and demonstrate outcomes to potential funders, including health plans.

The findings of the EMHOME work group will be published in September 2019.

The paper abstract can be found here.

Webinar slides for Recommendations for Evaluation Metrics for Asthma Home Visiting Programs can be accessed here.

Listen to the webinar.

View the webinar.


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