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US Environmental Protection Agency is Seeking Public Comment on the Draft Strategy to Reduce Lead Exposures and Disparities in US Communities

You’re Invited! – EPA Releases Invitation for Public Comments

As part of EPA’s outreach and public comment effort on its draft Lead Strategy, the Agency is hosting Zoom virtual public comment sessions in each in each of its ten geographic regional office areas from early February to early March 2022. The sessions will be an opportunity for the public to provide verbal input on the draft Lead Strategy to EPA. We encourage the public to share with the Agency thoughts on how to address lead issues in their communities during these regional sessions (e.g., Northeast, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, etc.).

Registration – Please note, registration will be required to attend each session. When you register, you will also have an opportunity to sign up to provide verbal comments. Interpretation and disability access support will be provided. If you are unable to attend the session that is specific to your geographic area, EPA encourages you to register for another regional session. Register here

Written Public Comments – Comments can also be provided in writing until March 16, 2022. For more information about how to provide comments please visit:

Ongoing exposures to lead in the environment present a health risk to too many people nationwide. Very low levels of lead in children’s blood have been linked have been linked to adverse effects on intellect, concentration, and academic achievement. The U.S. has made substantial progress in reducing lead exposure, but significant disparities remain along racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines EPA developed and is seeking public comment on a draft Strategy to Reduce Lead Exposures and Disparities in U.S. Communities (Lead Strategy). The draft Lead Strategy lays out approaches to strengthen public health protections, address legacy lead contamination for communities with the greatest exposures and promote environmental justice.

Find out more information and the date for your EPA Region Public Comment Session at:

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