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Home Lead Safety Tax Credit Act – Senators Whitehouse, Shumer, Blumenthal, Cohen, Gillibrand, Hassan, McKinley and Peters Introduce Bipartisan Tax Credit Bill to Protect Children From Lead Hazards

April 29, 2021 – The Home Lead Safety Tax Credit Act of 2021 was introduced today as bipartisan legislation to provide tax credits to help parents and owners pay for the cost to remediate lead hazards in their homes and properties. GHHI thanks Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Senate President Shumer and the other Senate sponsors for their leadership and bold vision to create the financial incentives that are needed for more owners to abate lead hazards that threaten young children while also creating new jobs for residents in our communities. Read the full Press Release.

Lead poisoning undermines children’s ability to read, to learn and to earn. Lead poisoning causes neurological damage in children, increased crime and a less prepared workforce for the future. The presence of lead in paint, water and soil continues to prevent children from reaching their full potential and destabilizes our communities. Lead poisoning disproportionately impacts communities of color in the United States.

Increased investments are needed if we are going to accelerate our progress in eliminating lead poisoning. Tax credits are another important tool to support moderate and lower income owners in being able to afford to abate lead hazards and to use trained and certified contractors to perform the housing interventions using lead safe work practices. Tax credits will supplement existing federal and state lead grant funds which are inadequate to fully meet the needs of the nation.

To reach our racial and health equity goals, we must create the financial resources for all Americans to be able to live in a home that is safe and does not threaten their child’s health. Passage of the Home Lead Safety Tax Credit Act will help us ensure we deliver on the promise of ending the toxic legacy of lead poisoning.

Ruth Ann Norton, President & CEO

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

Read the Press Release

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