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Del. Pamela Queen: Understanding Importance of Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19

Living conditions can impact our health, but there are effective strategies that mitigate infection and reduce health risks. We thank Delegate Pamela Queen for highlighting the work of GHHI and for raising awareness of indoor air quality and ventilation guidelines during COVID-19.

Below is an excerpt from her op-ed piece in the Maryland Matters news site.

“I am accustomed to receiving calls from frustrated constituents imploring my assistance with tackling bureaucratic obstacles. During this challenging COVID-19 health crisis, the calls are more frequent, the hurdles more complex and the sense of urgency is heightened.

So, when an anxious caller — my uncle who is not a constituent — urged me to bring attention to the lack of guidance on proven indoor air quality strategies to mitigate the spread of this novel coronavirus, my interest was piqued. We’ve learned from the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative in Baltimore City and in other low-income neighborhoods that living conditions in homes can pose immediate serious health risks due to germs, mold, mites and viruses causing asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions.”

To read the rest of her op-ed piece, click here.

Del. Pamela E. Queen is a Democrat representing Montgomery County’s District 14. She serves on the House Economic Matters Committee. 

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