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Collaborative Pilot Program Helps Asthma Patients

Associate News

Presence Health, working with community organizations, is completing a pilot program to address asthma triggers in patients’ own homes. Preliminary data suggests that the effort is resulting in better asthma control for patients.

The pilot focuses on patients of Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center (PSMEMC), which is located on Chicago’s West Side. PSMEMC’s service area has a higher asthma admission rate than any other service area in the Presence Health system, said Sue Ellen Schumacher, Presence project manager, government grants. The area also has high levels of poverty, poor housing quality and other issues that can have an impact on asthma patients.

Under the direction of Will Snyder, senior vice president and chief advocacy officer, Presence Health partnered with Elevate Energy, a local nonprofit, to launch a home-based asthma intervention. The intervention is based on a successful national model created by the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI). GHHI provided free
technical assistance to Presence Health on its pilot, via a grant GHHI received from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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