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Toolkit to Fund Lead Poisoning Prevention

Current Lead Remediation Grant Opportunities

Federal Funding


Philanthropic Funding

GHHI Lead Catalytic Grant Award: five grants of $20,000 each in direct funding and $10,000 in technical assistance to the awardees from GHHI’s team of national experts. These grants support innovative, community-based organizations working to eliminate lead poisoning by: implementing lead poisoning prevention policies and best practices, increasing effective communication and public awareness and developing strategies that increase lead hazard reduction investments in primary prevention.

The Wells Fargo BuildsSM program “provides financial support to eligible 501(c)(3) public nonprofit housing organizations when Wells Fargo team members help build, renovate, paint, or repair a home for low-to-moderate income households”.  Applications are accepted until all of the funding through this program is committed. Funding amounts range from $15,000 to $80,000 and depend on the number of volunteer hours the local Wells Fargo team can contribute.

State and Local Funding



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