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Toolkit to Fund Lead Poisoning Prevention


Over half a million children under six are currently lead poisoned in the United States. Millions of other children live in households where they are at risk for the life-long detrimental impacts of lead exposure. Despite the scale and urgency of the problem, communities across the country continue to struggle to find funding to address residential lead hazards. The Lead Funding Toolkit has been designed as a practitioner’s guide to assist communities in assembling an array of sustainable resources to support lead poisoning prevention. The Toolkit provides specific guidance on accessing, deploying and leveraging lead funding tools, and includes examples of funding tools that are supporting communities like yours in eliminating lead poisoning. 

In 2016, GHHI issued a Call to Action to end childhood lead poisoning in the US in five years. Since then, hundreds of partners have signed on to share our commitment as part of the National Campaign to End Lead Poisoning. We’d like to recognize the National Lead Campaign partners in the public, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors who participated in the creation of this Toolkit, and who continue advance innovations and best practices in lead poisoning prevention. Join us in our call to action! Together, we can eliminate the toxic legacy of lead for this generation of America’s children.  

Using the Lead Funding Toolkit

The Lead Funding Toolkit features over 40 sources of funding currently used to address lead hazards in residential properties, and outlines strategies on the horizon of lead poisoning prevention. To help in exploring the Toolkit, we suggest you complete the brief Asset and Gap Analysis Tool, which will provide context for your search for funding to address your community’s specific funding needs. You may also wish to use the Strategic Implementation Planning Tool to create a road map to guide your community’s funding decision-making.

This Toolkit provides specific implementation instructions for each funding strategy and highlights examples of funding in communities across the countryFunding tools are categorized by both funding source and funding use. The buttons below allow you to filter by each category. Clicking a button will turn that category button dark green, and produce a corresponding list of funding tools at the bottom of the page. Clicking multiple filter buttons will further narrow your list of funding tools. To clear your selections, simply click each filter button so that it appears light green. To learn more about a specific funding tool, click on the button for that tool. Each funding tool can be printed using the ‘Print This Document’ button on the left side of the page, allowing you to create a Funding Toolkit tailored to your state’s or community’s unique needs.

The ‘Current Lead Remediation Grant Opportunities’ link, below, takes you to a monthly-updated list of current opportunities for lead-related funding.

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