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Employee Spotlight: Human Resources Manager James Lohmann


GHHI is well known for its public engagement in our communities and for its outspoken advocacy on behalf of families.   Less well known are its organizational support systems and the people who run them. James Lohmann is one of those people. During his first year as GHHI’s HR Manager, he overhauled GHHI’s payroll system, retiring the home grown site to transition to an online time management and payroll platform that streamlines all employees’ time, paycheck and benefits information. The new platform makes submitting a timesheet a smoother, easier process for everyone.

“My favorite part of the job is helping staff be able to focus on their work, knowing that their paycheck is going to be in on time, their benefits are there, giving them the support structure they need so they can succeed in their jobs,” said James. “The people here are my clients, an incredible group of people dedicating their lives to helping others. I’m so glad to be supporting them as they do this important work.”

Raised on the north shore of Long Island, James came to GHHI from previous HR roles in New York City’s corporate America. “I was so excited to come work for a non-profit; it’s a big departure from anything I’ve done before. It’s nice to shift the focus on work being done in the community to help families and kids.”

In his previous roles, James had always stepped into a pre-established process of online  systems, staff hiring procedures and administrative workflow. “Here at GHHI I’ve been able to create a whole new system myself. It’s a nice change from just assimilating into something that’s already in place.”

When James was younger, he used to think he wanted to be a psychologist or counselor of some kind when he grew up. Today, part of his duties involve helping staff deal with employee relationships. “Sometimes I feel like there are elements of [counseling] in my job. I’m not a licensed therapist, but do engage with people on that level at times.”

For next steps at GHHI, James hopes to implement new employee centric programs and trainings that help elevate staff as individuals, and the camaraderie and culture of the organization as a whole. “That’s why I spent my first year getting everything organized, so that all the fun things can happen once we’re operating at an optimal pace!”

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