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Pass the Energy Savings Act

Why this is Important:

Tell your legislators to pass the Energy Savings Act – HB904/SB689, to encourage Maryland households to make the switch to clean energy. Burning fossil fuels in buildings generates up to 20% of Maryland’s climate-warming gasses. The resulting indoor pollution also is a major contributor to asthma and other health conditions.

The EmPOWER program has helped many households to be more energy efficient. But it also subsidizes fossil gas burning furnaces and provides no rebates to support households switching to electric heat pumps and induction stoves. This bill will promote switching to high efficiency electric heating, cooking, and clothes drying through rebate programs starting in 2024. It also will end subsidies for fossil fuel burning furnaces and hot water heaters. EmPOWER rebates will be coordinated with new federal funding, and a related bill will assure that low-income households get a fair shake from EmPOWER.

Contact Congress and be heard today.

The impact of effective advocacy can be felt at various policymaking levels.

Lead continues to poison people and communities. Lead-based paint exposure is the primary cause of lead poisoning. Other sources, including pipes and soil, are also major causes of lead poisoning. With over a half-million kids poisoned each year, it is our children and communities already facing the greatest health disparities—especially Black and Brown communities—that are disproportionately impacted by lead exposure. Lead poisoning has devastating health, education, and economic consequences. It is past time we eliminate this entirely preventable problem.

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