October 27, 2014

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Receives Grant from The JPB Foundation

Three-year grant supports GHHI expansion to 43 new locations nationwide by 2017

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) received a grant from The JPB Foundation to scale the work and impact of GHHI nationally. GHHI’s work has been proven to improve health, economic and social outcomes for low-income families through whole-home interventions and resident education. This expansion will enable GHHI to assist 300,000 families (18,000 will be from Maryland) by 2017. 25,000 of those families will take part in a study to evaluate the outcomes of a whole-home intervention. This three-year grant will also provide funding to develop recommendations to drive a national standard for the creation of healthy, safe and energy efficient homes.

“We are grateful to receive this grant from The JPB Foundation, allowing us to reach more families in need and establish the GHHI, holistic healthy housing model in more communities across the country,” said GHHI President & CEO Ruth Ann Norton. “This provides our organization with significant momentum toward establishing a national standard of integrated and collaborative health and housing services to ensure that all families are thriving in safe, green and health homes.”

GHHI practitioners work directly with state, county and city governments to establish designated GHHI sites and implement the GHHI service model, which provides a new way of doing business by integrating the energy efficiency and healthy homes fields. GHHI helps each locality align existing programs, bring together funding streams that support the gamut of home intervention work and coordinate the activities of local organizations that provide home services. Once a GHHI site is designated in a community, housing interventions are integrated, rather than delivered individually by siloed agencies and contractors. The result: measurable efficiencies and cost savings for all.

The GHHI model provides a one-stop-shop for families seeking housing intervention programs and related funding, so that clients living in low- to moderate-income households can access expedient and highly effective home repairs. Whole-home interventions can include remediating lead, mold and safety hazards, reducing asthma triggers, installing energy efficient upgrades, weatherizing the home and educating residents on proper maintenance. These comprehensive interventions not only stabilize individual homes, but strengthen communities by allowing residents to remain in properties that they would otherwise have to vacate due to hazards in the home and escalating energy consumption costs.

About Green & Healthy Homes Initiative
Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) is dedicated to breaking the link between unhealthy housing and unhealthy children. Formerly the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning, GHHI replaces stand-alone housing intervention programs with an integrated, whole-house approach that produces sustainable green, healthy and safe homes. As a result, we are improving health, economic and social outcomes for families across the country.

With support from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Energy (DOE), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Council on Foundations, and numerous philanthropic partners, GHHI serves as the national model for green and healthy homes interventions, and has produced more than 5,000 GHHI housing units nationwide. GHHI continues to increase its impact across 17 sites: Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Dubuque, Flint, Jackson, Lansing, Lewiston Auburn, Jackson, New Haven, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Salt Lake, and San Antonio. Learn more at www.ghhi.org or follow us @HealthyHousing

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