Hazard Intervention and Remediation

Hiring from impacted communities, the Coalition has built a team of highly skilled, bonded and insured Green & Healthy Homes contractors. Certified by the EPA and the Maryland Department of the Environment, the Hazard Intervention and Remediation Team is licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. In addition, the organization is a Certified Weatherization Contractor through standards set by the US Department of Energy and the State of Maryland. Each crew member has been accredited by the EPA and the Maryland Department of the Environment for lead hazard control work. The team has also been certified in Healthy Homes (National Environmental Health Association), Weatherization (DOE, BPI and the State of Maryland), Mold Remediation and Integrated Pest Management (Maryland Department of Agriculture).

The Hazard Reduction Team is able to provide the following services and most often integrate these programs to work together to comprehensively address issues of energy efficiency, health and safety in the home:

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