July 22, 2014

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Receives $3.3 Million State of Maryland Contract to Expand Services

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Receives $3.3 Million State of Maryland Contract to Expand Services

Department of Housing and Community Development’s Weatherization Plus Lead Hazard Services Program funds extension of GHHI services into surrounding counties

Baltimore, MD, July 21, 2014— Green & Healthy Homes Initiative® (GHHI®) announced it has received a $3.3 million contract from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) as part of its Weatherization Plus Lead Hazard Services Program. Through this contract, GHHI will begin offering healthy home interventions to low income residents in counties surrounding Baltimore City.

“This opportunity underscores the effectiveness of taking a comprehensive, holistic approach to create healthy, safe and energy efficient homes for Maryland’s most vulnerable families,” said Ruth Ann Norton, president and CEO of GHHI. GHHI’s integrated model addresses health, safety and energy issues in homes in low-income communities. This approach removes barriers between often-conflicting housing regulations and allows older homes to be rehabilitated to address all issues at the same time, instead of requiring multiple interventions.  

“Application of the model results in healthier children, better school performance, the revitalization of housing stock and more productive communities,” continued Norton.“ We are thrilled to enter this partnership with the State and extend these outcomes to greater Maryland.”

GHHI has shown that addressing housing issues in a streamlined manner results in significant public cost savings, as well as savings to individual families. To date Baltimore City residents served by GHHI have experienced:

  • 60% reduction in asthma related hospitalizations
  • 62% increase in asthma related perfect school attendance
  • 88% increase in parents not missing a work day due to their child’s asthma
  • Up to 20% cost savings for government in upfront costs
  • $404 average annual energy cost reduction per home

Funding for the DHCD contract is provided through a Customer Investment Fund (CIF), established by the Maryland Public Service Commission under the merger settlement between Exelon and the Constellation Energy Group, Inc. This contract will target low-income, high-energy use residential customers (who cannot be assisted through other programs because of significant household health and safety issues) within the Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) service territory. GHHI was one of six organizations selected for this contract.

“This award through Maryland’s Weatherization Plus Lead Hazard Services program will combine lead abatement and increased health and safety efforts with energy efficiency improvements, creating a more comprehensive and streamlined approach to weatherizing high-need, low-income homes,” said DHCD Secretary Raymond A. Skinner.

About Green & Healthy Homes Initiative
The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative® (GHHI®) is a national nonprofit dedicated to breaking the link between unhealthy housing and unhealthy residents. Formerly the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning, GHHI replaces stand-alone housing intervention programs with an integrated, whole-house approach that produces sustainable green, healthy and safe homes. As a result, we are improving health, economic and social outcomes for families across the country.

With support from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Energy (DOE), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Council on Foundations, and numerous philanthropic partners, GHHI serves as the national model for green and healthy homes interventions, and has produced 5,000 GHHI housing units nationwide. GHHI continues to increase its impact across 17 sites: Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Dubuque, Flint, Jackson, Lewiston Auburn, New Haven, Oakland, Philadelphia, Providence, Salt Lake and San Antonio. Learn more at www.ghhi.org or follow us @HealthyHousing. 

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