Pay for Success Resources

Below are resources and tools designed by GHHI and partners to help organizations that are exploring PFS or already engaged in PFS projects. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or feedback on these materials. GHHI will continue to add to this list, so check back often!

Click on the below links to download our tools and informational materials. 


Brief: Determining the Feasibility of Pay for Success Projects (2016)  This document provides an overview of GHHI’s PFS feasibility rubric tool. 

GHHI’s Pay for Success Toolkit (.zip file, 2016)  Click to download templates, worksheets, questionnaires, and other tools for anyone interested in exploring PFS as a pathway toward sustainable funding for evidence-based programs.

GHHI Pay for Success State Playbook (2017) - A guideline for states on utilizing Pay for Success Financing.

GHHI’s Economic Modeling Handbook: PFS Feasibility Study (2016)  This handbook outlines the process for conducting economic feasibility analysis for a potential PFS transaction focused on a comprehensive asthma management program.

GHHI’s Pay for Success Term Sheet Template (2016) – Use this template to set terms of a contract to finance a PFS transaction.

How to Pay for Success in Public Health (2016)  A presentation detailing the technical options available to public health institutions interested in Pay for Success.

Hospitals and Pay for Success (2017) - Considerations for nonprofit hospitals when engaging in Pay for Success projects.

Informational Materials

Pay for Success 101 (2017) – This presentation provides a brief overview of Pay for Success financing.

GHHI and PFS (2016) – This presentation provides a brief overview of GHHI’s involvement in Pay for Success financing.

Pay for Success Financing to Improve Asthma Outcomes: Lessons learned from two feasibility cohorts (2017) – This paper relates some of GHHI's learnings from our asthma PFS work to date.

Childhood Asthma and The Pay for Success Solution (2017)

Issue Brief: Using Social Impact Financing to Improve Asthma Outcomes (2014) – This issue brief by GHHI and the Childhood Asthma Leadership Coalition provides an overview of the opportunity to improve asthma outcomes through social impact financing. 

Update from the Field: Paying for Success to Improve Asthma Outcomes (2016) – This brief by GHHI and the Childhood Asthma Leadership Coalition provides an update on the status of projects around the country seeking to utilize social impact financing to scale interventions to improve asthma outcomes.

Barriers to Pay for Success in Public Health (2016)  An overview of Medicaid payment policy and the required arrangements to ensure the viability of asthma PFS projects.

Opportunities for Public Health Investment: A Pay for Success roadmap for public health (2016)  A handbook to assist with getting started in PFS for public health.

Value-Based Purchasing Authority - 2016 Managed Care Regulations and Pay for Success (2017)  Document showing how Medicaid managed care regulations enable PFS projects.

Contract Options for Value-Based Purchasing Innovation (2017) - Document that lays out contracting layers to help set up value-based purchasing arrangements.

Evaluating Medicaid Value-Based Purchasing Arrangements (2017) - A guide for evaluating value-based purchasing arrangements that allows for managed care entities to direct actuarially sound compensation to innovative service delivery partners.

Outcomes-Based Payments Handbook (2017) - Overview of technical solution to challenges of outcomes-based payments through adopting program-specific charge codes.

GHHI Feasibility Study Site Profiles (2016):


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