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Breathing Easier—and Reducing Energy Costs

Baltimore, MD

Victoria and Jerry have owned their two-story, center unit row home in Baltimore’s Belair-Edison neighborhood since 2000. Their 12-year-old son Montez suffered from frequent asthma episodes, caused by triggers in the home stemming from mold, poor insulation, improper drainage and a broken furnace. Even though they kept their home tidy, they continued to have mice and cockroach infestations. After hearing about Montez’s recent asthma hospitalization and numerous missed school days, a neighbor recommended contacting Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Baltimore (GHHI Baltimore) for help.

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Free from Asthma Attacks, Josue Attends School Regularly and Plays Basketball

Baltimore, MD

Shawana purchased her 1936 Baltimore Highlands home in 2001 before she became a mother to three active sons: 11-year-old Juan, 9-year-old Javier and 5-year-old Josue. Over time, as her home  filled with family and boyhood activities, it also became a health hazard: water leaked through the basement floor causing mold growth, mice infested the kitchen and the paint chipped and peeled. Poor air quality and poor insulation made Josue’s asthma so severe that he could not play with his older brothers. In the year before GHHI’s home interventions, his asthma episodes sent him to the hospital six times. These hospitalizations caused Shawana to miss 14 days of work and Josue to miss 14 days of school. The Baltimore City Health Department referred the family to Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Baltimore (GHHI Baltimore) for help.

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Making Home Home Again

Baltimore, MD

Dorothy, a single mom, has lived in the same 1925 two story row home in Baltimore since she was five years old. She shares the home with her two daughters, 13-year-old Shaquana and 4-year-old Labree. Like so many older properties, Dorothy’s proud family home eventually fell into  desperate need of repair. The walls had chipping and peeling paint.  The roof leaked whenever it rained, breeding mold.  Mice and cockroaches regularly made an appearance, and the home was poorly insulated. Both of Dorothy’s daughters suffer from asthma, and Labree had been hospitalized 13 times due to severe asthma episodes. A referral from the Baltimore City Health Department brought in Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Baltimore (GHHI Baltimore) to help.

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