History and Mission

Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning
DBA the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

The Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning (Coalition) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that develops, implements and promotes programs and policies to eradicate childhood lead poisoning and further the creation of healthy homes. The Coalition was founded in 1986 as Parents Against Lead, a grassroots volunteer effort. Today, the Coalition is a nationally recognized policy, advocacy and direct service organization headquartered in Baltimore. The organization also provides advisory services to organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Council on Foundations, the US Conference of Mayors and numerous cities and nonprofit organizations.

The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative was charged in 2008 by the Council on Foundations and the White House Office of Recovery to lead the national efforts to integrate lead hazard control, healthy homes and weatherization and energy efficiency work. This project later became the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative directed by the Coalition that addresses the health and energy efficiency needs of a home through a holistic intervention model. 

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To break the link between unhealthy housing and unhealthy families by creating and advocating for healthy, safe and energy efficient homes. 


A world where no child’s potential is limited by unhealthy housing conditions.


The Coalition the End Childhood Lead Poisoning has grown into a national leader advancing the mission to break the link between unhealthy housing and unhealthy children. Its commitment and innovative work over the last several decades has fueled significant changes in public policy and funding to support the creation of green, healthy and safe homes in older, lower income neighborhoods. Its ground breaking national work in systems change, technical assistance and public policy remains strongly tied to and informed by its service programs in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Coalition has directly and successfully managed more than $50 million dollars in federal, state and local government contracts as well as grants from national and local foundations. Nationally, the Coalition has been instrumental in directly raising more than $250,000,000 to support its partners in 22 states.

The Coalition provides a broad range of client services, including family advocacy, case management, public awareness & training, legal services, compliance assistance, and lead hazard reduction. The organization has established a track record of innovation by creating and implementing successful programs which have been replicated nationally.

As the creator of the national Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI), the Coalition has forged new partnerships and created innovative programs to improve the delivery of services and ensure the efficient use of resources to reduce lead poisoning (in Maryland by 98%), asthma and injury in low income housing while improving energy efficiency. Since 1994, the Coalition has developed 27 pieces of successful legislation to set standards for enforcement, prevention and education. Through this work, the Coalition continues its mission to end lead poisoning while helping to create a new way of doing business that looks at housing as an integral factor in the health of families and communities.

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