National Program Manager – Campaign to End Lead Poisoning

The National Program Manager will manage the day-to-day operations of the Campaign to End Lead Poisoning, including broad campaign strategy; hiring, training and managing staff; creating and executing the budget; coordinate with new and established partner organizations, and direct outreach to local and community-based leaders as well as families.

Program Assistant

The Program Assistant a full time (40hrs/week) position that serves as a liaison between families and appropriate agencies as well as internal programs when seeking services and assistance. The Program Assistant will be expected to provide health education on environmental hazards that affect the family’s health and safety. The position will also participate in outreach events as a GHHI representative.

Family Advocacy Case Manager

Responsibilities for the Family Advocacy Case Manager include counseling and assisting families facing lead, asthma, and other environmental health hazards to help those families achieve safe and stable housing.   The Family Advocacy Case Manager will work to ensure that tenants’ rights are protected while lead hazards and other defects are corrected in their home.  This position includes frequent home visits with families in Baltimore City and throughout the Baltimore Metro region, as well as occasional visits elsewhere in the State.  If the best option for a lead-affected family is to relocate from the property, the Family Advocate Case Manager will work with the family to help facilitate that move and connect them with possible resources.  The Family Advocate Case Manager will also serve as a liaison between lead affected families and appropriate agencies when seeking services and assistance.    

Chief of Staff

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief of Staff oversees the activities of the Executive Office and advances Green and Healthy Homes Initiative’s strategic goals. The selected candidate will assist the CEO with operational and strategic outcomes, and monitor tasks related to the execution and implementation of systems to sustain growth and effectiveness. He/she approaches the work with a cross-functional (department, organization, and community) mindset and assumes primary responsibility for select projects and initiatives as directed. The Chief of Staff serves as a trusted senior advisor to the CEO and represents her in high level meetings and discussions. He/she provides oversight on time sensitive issues and initiatives that include cross-functional, organizational, and community dimensions.  The Chief of Staff is also responsible for building and sustaining an effective support structure for GHHI’s senior leadership team.

Senior Environmental Health Educator

GHHI prides itself for having a long standing a long-standing and proven track record of delivering the highest quality of support, education, and advocacy for families most vulnerable to and effected by unhealthy and inefficient housing. GHHI believes that direct one-on-one education and home maintenance training is the most effective way to empower and support families who struggle from issues such as asthma, lead poisoning and high energy costs. The Senior Environmental Health Educator will work directly with families needing healthy home and energy efficiency services by helping families to navigate and apply for various housing rehab programs, provide thorough education sessions, and guide families in developing home maintenance action plans.